LLG is proud to announce our role in the collaboration resulting in the first 3D Printed Dwelling in Florida. Partnering with Precision Building & Renovating, LLC has allowed us to begin another avenue to finding new ways to work with communities to produce OBTAINABLE and durable housing for Florida and beyond.

Precision Building & Renovating LLC is a state-certified construction company that has been researching construction techniques in practice with affordable housing for the past five years. They have launched
their subsidiary, Gulf Coast Additive Manufacturing & Design LLC to support the application of 3D printing in the construction field. “The objective for this series of homes is to build infill houses throughout the City utilizing large-scale 3-D print technology in order to provide our company with research data in authentic field conditions.” says Kyndra Light, CEO and co-founder of PB&R and GCAM&D. “We didn’t do this alone,” she notes, “countless hours with LLG Architecture, Keaver-McKee Engineering, Sinter Form Designs, Level Up Media, and a host of mentors and community supporters were an integral part of making this project possible.”

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