Brevard County’s First 3D Printed House

LLG is proud to announce our role in the collaboration resulting in Brevard County’s (Florida) first 3D Printed House. As the Architect, working directly with Apis Cor from the beginning of the project, allowed us to design our third 3D Printed house. This project began printing in November 2023 and will be available for a tour in the spring of 2024!

‘Layer by layer, a team of robots is building the walls on a brand new 2,100 sq. foot home. 

“Why reinvent the wheel when we can make the exact same thing, just better, faster, and more affordably?” asked Trevor Ragno, a director at Apis Cor

Viera-based company Apis Cor says 3D printing is the future. Robots work together to prep the concrete and pour the finished product with little help from humans. ‘

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